Ask the Doctor

How-To Tips for the Ultimate Home Mani-Pedi

Inspired by Dr. Evans and Expert Manicurists

Get ready for your mani-pedi

Position, position, position!

It is important to be in proper position to have the best angle and vision of your hands and toes to promote a smooth and even application. For the manicure consider sitting at a desk or kitchen table. Someplace where your hand can rest flat. For pedicures, your arch should rest on the edge of a sturdy table or chair.  Set up in an area with good lighting.


Prepare your nails!

* Cleanse with daniPro acetone-free nail polish remover over the nails and cuticles to remove oils and debris from the surface.  daniPro nail polish remover is infused with a special stain remover, and undecylenic acid to protect and cleanse your cuticles from infection.
* Smooth the nail surface by gently buffing.  Do not buff the tips of your nails too strongly, this could lead to weakening and chipping.
* Gently push cuticles back (we love the iconic orange stick).  Cutting of the cuticles could lead to infection.
* For pedicures, remember to always trim your nails straight across. If an edge feels sharp, gently file it.

It's all about the BASE!

Apply a thin coat of base using smooth strokes.

daniPro base coat excels at filling ridges creating a smooth surface for your color of choice. Our daniPro base is loaded with the “good stuff” for your nails. Nothing is better than nourishing and protecting your nails where it counts. Remember to cap the nail tip and allow to dry before applying color.  “Capping” the nail tip simply means applying daniPro base around the very tip/end of the nail.

Bring on the COLOR!

Apply 2 coats of your daniPro polish.

Shake daniPro nail polish well, followed by a gentle roll between your fingers and palm. This should eliminate any air bubbles created by the shake. Hold the brush mid-cap for pinpoint control of your polish. Apply your color with light handed strokes. Start in the middle of the nail, proceed to the sides, and cap your nails. Allow the first coat to completely dry before applying the 2nd coat.

Top it off QUICKLY!

daniPro top coat is the final touch to your mani-pedi.

It can hide and smooth away any flaws in your mani-pedi. It adds extra shine and protection. Begin with a stroke down the middle of your nail, followed by each side.  Don’t forget to cap your nails ! Apply our topcoat in between your regular mani-pedi to refresh your look. daniPro Top Coat provides another infusion of UA, and vitamins. It also is super quick-drying so you can refresh on the go !  If you don’t apply the finish, you won’t have the “wow”.

What you need to know about the other “f” word…Fungus

How common is nail fungus?

Experts say that 35 million people have some type of fingernail or toenail fungus.

It is easily transmitted but not easy to get rid of.

Changes in Nails

What are the major causes of changes in nails?

The most common is Onychomycosis. A nail fungus that is caused by tiny organisms called dermatophytes that live in wet/moist areas such as showers and swimming pools. Another common cause is trauma, micro-trauma, or  injury to the nails, and nail beds.  This could be direct injury, or indirect as seen when you wear shoes that do not fit properly or with many runners, joggers.  Other causes may include Psoriasis.

Dr. Evans, can shoes cause FUNGUS ?

Proper Shoe Fit.

Improper shoe or sneaker fit can cause injuries to your toes.   Purchase a sneaker specific for the sport you are participating in. Purchase the shoe towards the end of the day and when purchasing the shoe, make sure you are wearing the type of sock you plan to wear when you are participating in the sport.  When standing in the new shoe, you should have at least a thumb’s width from the end of your longest toe, to the end , of the shoe.

The toe box of the shoe should be soft. A firm toe box or hard toe box can damage toenails.

Check the lacing of the sneaker, while you do not want the sneaker to be tight, you do not want it to be laced too loosely so the foot slides and moves around during activity.

Have a Pedicure.

Your feet and toenails should be cared for. Toenails should be trimmed to a decent length, and squared off in the corners. Skin should be lightly moisturized.

Don't Ignore Foot Pain.

Don’t ignore foot pain. Ingrown toenails are a common form of pain and discomfort especially for fitness enthusiasts and runners. Take my advice when trying to avoid this problem: Use a toenail clipper that has a straight edge. This will encourage a straight trim across the nail. Clippers that are curved will lend you to cutting your nail corners shorter, thereby increasing the risk of the nail growing into the adjacent skin.

Common DaniPro Questions

What makes daniPro unique?

daniPro is a toxin free nail polish infused with Undecylenic Acid*, B7 (Biotin), Vitamin E and Vitamin A. We offer a health-conscious, chip-resistant, long-lasting color collection plus a base coat and super quick–drying top coat. We are completely free of any damaging chemicals found in most commercial polishes.

*Undecylenic acid is not proven effective in treating fungus on the nails.  It is effective in treating fungus of cuticles and skin.

Who should use daniPro?

Anyone who is health conscious and wants stronger looking nails. There is an assortment of premium colors, as well as a clear basecoat and super quick-drying top coat, and “Nail Recovery”, for the perfect mani-pedi or for anyone who wants a natural look with the best quality.

What does 21 Free Formula mean?

daniPro is free from the recognized 21 potentially harmful chemicals found in most other nail polishes. The top 10 most common harmful chemicals include:  Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde resin, Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP), Toluene, DBT (Dibutyl Phthalate) , TPHP, Xylene, Ethyl Tosylamide, Camphor and Parabens.  And we do not test on animals. Toxin free for your safety!  No animal testing, for your peace of mind.

How often should I use daniPro?

You should reapply daniPro nail polish at least every seven days to maintain strong, healthy looking nails.